About Us

With time I was able to better organize my new life and feel confident and excited about my new role as a mother. I would recommend that all new mother indulge in therapy in the comfort of their own home during this special transition. Daniella

Parenthood Psychology Practice provided me with the practical advice I needed during an incredibly emotional time – it is not always easy to talk about the experience of being a first time expectant mother with friends and family, so having an objective and professional sounding board was very helpful. Claire

Alexandra Goletka, M.S., Psy.D

Dr. Goletka, co-founder of The Parenthood Psychology Practice, completed her doctorate in clinical school psychology at Yeshiva University, and her fellowship at St Luke's Roosevelt child and adolescent outpatient clinic, where she focused on family and parent-infant dyadic therapy. Ali also received an M.A. in guidance counseling from New York University. Ali began her studies of childhood psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed her undergraduate degree. Currently she advises families through developmental and academic challenges at an elementary school in New York City. Through the birth of her own child, Ali gained new perspective on her work with parents and children. And as a result, she has a deep commitment to helping growing families adjust to the arrival of new children.

Marianna Strongin, M.A., Psy.D

Dr. Strongin, co-founder of The Parenthood Psychology Practice, completed her doctorate in adult clinical psychology at Yeshiva University. She has extensive training in clinical work having been trained at the top NYC hospitals including Bellevue Hospital and St.Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. Marianna has had a particular interest in studying and treating mothers. She began her studies on motherhood at the University of Texas at Austin and continued this at the Yeshiva University completing her dissertation on work family balance with women who achieved parenthood after infertility. Since becoming a mother, Marianna has been dedicated to studying and treating new mothers. She is eager to share her clinical and personal expertise with others.